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I enjoyed my work. However when I checked out Jiri from Czechhunter half a year prior to and when I viewed that his little homepage permitted him to cancel his old job-- I was actually envious. My name is Jan and I am a sales-guy from Prague. Some individuals call me a bit egotistic but I still assume I am a stylish individual. I have the capacity to convince individuals-- a little like Jiri-- however still different. So I met with two of my buddies and we determined to place our cash with each other to discovered a firm. We put some ads and the message was: you are young, great looking and male? You have financial obligations? We supply our help! I was quite worried when the first guy called. He wasn't actually just what I expected him to resemble. He was so ignorant ... however a great fuck.


So it's time to present the General. Certainly he has a real name. But he chooses to stay anonymous. He is among my earliest buddies and he served in the Czech Military years. He is a goon who likes self-control. As he is gay his fetish is control and humiliation. Well, unlike me he wasn't worried in any way when he had the very first telephone call of a potential customer". The individual lived in an area which we in Prague would certainly call a ghetto. Many individuals need to live in those communist buildings. This even had a stylish and clean level. However he was so hopeless. An easy catch for our General. He encouraged him to strip and carry out embarrassing acts of submission. Yet then he went with his ass-- what a cutie.


My turn once more. I was encouraged by the very first successful conference which I had a week previously. But as you never ever recognize just how those individuals might respond when I make my immoral deal I realized that it would certainly still take me time to obtain made use of to it. I came there and I analyzed his financial issues. I really felt quite like a professional social employee when I saw all his problems. So young and already numerous debts. Poor guy. I decided to go a little bit further and to show him a session which may assist him to reconsider making new personal debts. He had to cleanse his home-- nude of course. And afterwards I also found some interesting toys in his home. From this moment his butt wasn't save any longer.


It was merely a few days prior to that the General told me regarding one of his fetishes. He prefers to humiliate kids by making them wear girls garments. Well, I was a little shocked as I thought I understood him long good enough to not anticipate such shocks anymore. However well. When I viewed the motion picture on his cam afterwards I was very turned-on. He met a lovely and actually youthful guy that day. In fact I was a little envious afterwards. It took him quite a while to convince him that his circumstance was actually hopeless. Yet then he ultimately accepted the freak deal of my friend. He had to remove nude, Then he needed to dress in ladies's clothes and to imitate a pet dog. His face was full of disgust when he needed to take a prick the first time into his mouth.


I am gay. However I am into straight boys. It is a large turn-on for me to see them do things that they typically would not even think about. Our General made an appointment today in a tiny city close to Prague. And it looks like he has some kind of special good fortune that all his customers" live in those communist-buildings. However when he viewed the person he realized that he was never ever before straight. But he still needed to find out. Absolutely nothing much more easy than that. The child was quite hopeless. His debts already mounted up so it was a rather easy catch for my pal. He started with some humiliating games right from the start. A carrot worked as a penis to explore the kid's sucking talent. He asserted to be just bi. Well, permit's see ...


I got up today a little bit late. However I noticed that I currently had actually 3 brokened phone calls that early morning. As no one made use of the answering machine I called that individual back. The person on the various other end had a gorgeous voice. Yet he appeared to be nervous and shy. I assured to see him at night. I was a little stunned when I came there as our home was modern-day and clean. Normally my members live under various health conditions. I took the elevator and I was surprised again-- a female welcomed me upstairs. Now I fidgeted. Certainly I failed to remember to inform the guy that I have to speak with him alone-- this is generally a crucial information. Anyhow. When I was available in I saw an actual cutie. But hopeless. I chose to attempt to disregard the gal.


It was among those chilly winter season days which I really hate. A mix of snow and rain and cold wind spoiled my state of mind. I was on my method to an individual that has sent me an email already one week prior to. When I examined my spam folder yesterday I finally noticed it. So I called him back. He clearly didn't anticipate any sort of response anymore. I informed him that I need to tape our discussion but he looked still a bit pissed when he viewed my cam. Anyway-- he lived in an old, filthy kitchen. Yet still his room was clean and good. He told me regarding his personal debts. However although I saw an image with him and his female pal on the table I in some way really felt that this kid was odd. Was he gay or bi-curious? I provided my assistance to discover it out.


When somebody calls our number they are often timid and nervous because they have personal debts. This boy was various. He called us, he informed us about a wonderful quantity and he were smiling on the phone. That undoubtedly was a challenge for The General. When he saw him he had problems to even find the area. It was not a flat nor anything like a house. He resided in some kind of a store in an unclean and aged shopping-centre. But instead of being happy that someone involved assist him he also declined to allow our General inside. All due to the camcorder. Well I suppose it was once again my mistake as I really did not discuss it prior to. And when he ultimately let him in it was very difficult to discuss him or deal.


When we determined to begin our agency we expected that all the children who are calling stay in a prefer to untidy bordering. Well, I already found out that that was not the reality. However this time the guy completely startled me. He lived in a pricey home. Modern, clean and well-furnished. He told me that he even got a brand-new BMW. However as he just recently shed his task he had issues paying both. His home and his vehicle. He informed me that he already found a brand-new job-- yet the money would come too late. So I was certainly his last assistance. I understood the prospective and made a decision to be a bit more big-headed than usually. A stylish feeling to make a rather effective young person take place his knees and suck for help.


The General had a very tiff today. Some customer called him on his private mobile. I ran out workplace. And as the client called currently 4 times our secretary decided to offer him The General's number. To make it brief-- he lastly relaxed once more. And he made an examination with the man this evening. The spot where this youthful person lived was really dark and sub standard. Not even the light in the flooring was functioning. He had to walk upstairs to even see his client's face the first time effectively. He told me that he had not been actually his type of individual. So he decided to make it much more tough and embarrassing. The poor child had to kiss his feet, to dance and to strip. This have to have been a completely astonishing conference.
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